Pinpoint Communications
Developers' Page

This page was designed to provide third-party developers with tools, documentation, and other resources needed to customize applications for the Pinpoint Network.
. API for the Pinpoint Network
. APS for the Pinpoint Network
. Other Development Tools

Other Tools

Because Pinpoint's development tools are no longer available, we have included on this page some references to other tools that may be useful for the data communications developer.

Winsock Applications and Programming Information:
. Sockets.Com
. Stroud's Consumate Winsock Applications List
. TuCows - More Winsock Applications.
. Stardust Labs.
. Borland Web Page.
. Microsoft.
. Netscape Communications.
. Jim's DataComm Page.
. Jim's Shareware Page.
. Adobe Acrobat - File viewer for .PDF document files.


The Application Program Interface (API) for the Pinpoint Network was created to facilitate the development of applications such as dispatch, mapping, and communications for the Pinpoint Network. The API is no longer available.


Pinpoint's APS product (A Protocol Simulator) is an extremely useful tool for debugging applications in a controlled environment, without using the actual "live" Pinpoint Network. The APS is no longer available.

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