Our Employees

Pinpoint had employees with a variety of skills, and a diversity of interests. Here's a picture of some of "the gang" at a photo opportunity in early 1996.

Our gang in the spring of 96

Of course, as the company is dispersed, it gets harder and harder to keep up with folks. Here are some ways to reach some of our former employees. More will be added as they become available.

Via E-Mail

.jandrulis@mizarinc.com - Joe Andrulis
.mbock@balboacapital.com - Mike Bock
.mbock@mindspring.com - Mike Bock
.72467.563@compuserve.com - Mike Bock
.euscanb@exu.ericsson.se - Chris Brady
.jbdebell@siemens-wireless.com - Janette Debell
.ddescote@vlint.com - Doug Descoteaux
.revans@telecom.sna.samsung.com - Bob Evans
.gary@his.com - Gary Flemming
.jhenderson@ti.com - James Henderson (work)
.jhenderson@why.net - James Henderson (home)
.cirwin@connect.net - Charlie Irwin
.cirwin@globalconv.com - Charlie Irwin (work address)
.jkokal@connect.net - Jim Kokal
.jkokal@globalconv.com - Jim Kokal - (alternate address)
.labiche@metronet.com - Maurice Labiche
.jjslease@jjsleasing.com - Mike Madonna
.martinez@pacifier.com - Paul Martinez
.paulm@sharplabs.com - Paul Martinez (alternate address)
.1dwm@msg.ti.com - David Mize
.re.moore@worldnet.att.net - Bob Moore
.remoore@siemens-wireless.com - Bob Moore (alternate address)
.tmoore@dnaent.com - Tony Moore
.tonymore@flash.net - Tony Moore (alternate address)
.ENeal@pagemart.com - Eveylyn Neal
.cpattie@flash.net - Chuck Pattie
.pattist@connect.net - Lance Pattist
.jpautler@connect.net - Jim Pautler
.glen at raggios dot com - Glen Raggio
.jjslease@jjsleasing.com - John Sizemore
.mark at radiosmith dot com - Mark Smith
.wayne@stargardt.com - Wayne Stargardt
.hnltaff@ix.netcom.com - Harold Taff
.harold@cygnetinc.com - Harold Taff (work address)
.thompsok@reu.relteccorp.com - Kerwin Thompson
.swade1@swbell.net - Steve Wade
.jziglar@swbell.net - Jeri Ziglar
.jziglar2@aol.com - Jeri Ziglar (alternate address)

Via Web Pages

.http://www.connect.net/cirwin/ - Charlie Irwin
.http://www.metronet.com/~labiche/ - Maurice Labiche
.http://www.jimprice.com - Jim Price
.http://www.raggios.com/ - Glen Raggio
.http://www.radiosmith.com/ - Mark Smith
If you are a former Pinpoint employee and want your web page, or e-mail address listed here, please contact Jim Price

This page last updated 2/11/2005.