History of Pinpoint Communications

Pinpoint was founded in 1990, after one of the founders had been actively managing a fleet in the security industry in the early 1980's. He realized how much it would improve his productivity to know where his vehicles were and to be able to send them dispatches and messages even when the security guards were not in their cars. After looking at several other industries that involved fleet management, he realized that his needs were not unique. The founders then set out to design what has become The Pinpoint Network to solve fleet managers' problems.

Five years of extensive research and develpment have produced Pinpoint's network. This network gave fleet managers and service provicers a fast, economical way to accurately locate mobile unites and communicate data as needed. The Pinpoint Network successfully integrated:

.Automatic Vehicle Location
.Mobile Data Communication
.Superior Performance

at a very low price.

The company's mission was to design, deploy and operate a national network to provide automated vehicle location and two-way data communications services at a significant price advantage over current technologies, providing users a cost-effective way to manage their fleets.

The first city in Pinpoint's national network was Dallas. Commercial operations began in the summer of 1996. The second city, Los Angeles, was scheduled to come on-line during the spring of 1997. However, due to financial difficulties in encountered in late 1995 and early 1996, Pinpoint Communications filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and eventually moved to Chapter 7 liquidation.

Last updated 10/24/96