I got completely fascinated by this house when it was under construction. It's now completed, and stands at the intersection of Armstrong, Preston, and Oak Lawn, in the Park Cities area of Dallas. One of these days, with the owner's permission, I hope to have more pictures of the completed building.

Click on any image to see it in more detail.

The front

Front view
Note the mounds of dirt. They were covered with protective netting to hold them in place until the grass started growing. The landscaping is very interesting.

Additional views of the exterior.

Another front view The back yard Another shot of the rear The roof

As evidenced by the both the exterior design (above) and the design of the fireplace and staircase (below), the architect scorns straight edges and right angles.

Fireplace and stairs Fireplace and stairs

As is evidenced by the note on the front door, the owners of the house certainly didn't want extra visitors during construction.

The entrance The front door The note

Another clue that visitors were not wanted

No Parking!!!!

However, if you're in the mood for a drive-by glimpse of this fabulous house, you can find it at the intersection of Oak Lawn, Preston and Armstrong as shown by the red dot in the following map. Just be careful where you park, and don't trespass.

The Map!!!!