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Manufacturers and Other Contacts

Here's an index of all the manufacturers listed on this site.

ACC Electronics - Originally made AudiCord cart machines.

Advanced Recording Products - Also suppliers of reel-to-reel and other tape formats.

AmpServices - Servicing Broadcast Electronics machines.

Arrakis Systems - In Fort Collins, CO.  - Check out their "Revolution" digital console.

ATI - In Horsham, PA - Good analog consoles, meters, summing amps and other audio goodies.

AutoGram - Console manufacturer in Plano, TX.

Behringer - German manufacturer of consoles and processors.

Bradley Broadcast- Broadcast gear distributor in Maryland.

Caig Laboratories - Makers of cleaners and lubricants for faders and connectors.

CartGuys - Fidelipac and ITC cart machines.

Dateq - Dutch manufacturer of broadcast and disco mixers and other devices, including some unique limiters.

dbx - The leader in gain-control products.

Dorrough - Great meters!

Hall Electronics - All kinds of used broadcast gear and manuals - going out of business soon!

Harris - Consoles, transmitters, and everything broadcast

Logitek - In Houston - They have some fabulous all-digital consoles.

M-Audio - Digital audio from MidiMan.

Magnetic Reference Laboratory - Suppliers of excellent calibration tapes for cart and reel-to-reel.

Omnia - Founded in 1988, makes broadcast processors competitive with Orban.

Orban - The industry standard in broadcast limiters.

Otari - Recording devices of all sorts (open-reel, cart, hard-disk, etc.)

Radio Design Labs - meters, distribution amps, mixers.
Radio Systems - Check out their Millenium line of consoles.
Rane - Mixers, level converters, other goodies.  They also have an excellent reference on sound system interconnects and grounding.
Roland - Keyboards, DJ Mixers, etc.
SeaSound - makers of the SeaSound Solo - out of business as of 6/29/01.
Stanton - Cartidges, turntables, mixers, and more.
Tascam - Tape decks, mixer, more.
Universal Audio - dedicated to authentic reproductions of vintage Urei and Teletronix analog processors.
Vestax - Turntables, CD players, mixers, other DJ gear.

If you're a manufacturer, vendor, or repair depot and you want to be listed, drop me a line


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