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Erasers / Splice Finders

Most cart recorders (with the exception of the ITC 99B Series with ELSA) didn't have built-in erase heads.  Most broadcast facilities had one or more bulk tape erasers that would erase carts and open-reel tapes.  Fidelipac and ITC also made dedicated devices that both erased a cart, and searched for the splice (leaving it just past the record head position, so that there wouldn't be a dropout in the subsequent recording). 

Shown below is a sampling of erasers and splice finders.


AUDIOLAB TD1B - Table Top Eraser 
The TD1B is designed to erase all audio, video and computer media. Works with all formats of cassettes and tape reels up to 10" in diameter and 1/2" in width.
AudioLab TD5
AUDIOLAB TD5 - Table Top Eraser 
The TD5 is designed to erase all audio, video and computer media. Works with all formats of cassettes and tape reels up to 16" in diameter and 2" in width.
Audiolab MDS5
AUDIOLAB MDS5 - Tape Degausser 
The MDS-5 Professional Degausser is designed for today's wide variety of media formats and features simple operation and quality erasure - at an affordable price. The MDS-5 uses Garner's proven electro-magnetic coil system specially designed for quiet, reliable operation.

Erasing your tapes or reels is easy and it only takes a few seconds. You simply place your media in the "Erase Zone", rotate your media 3 full revolutions, flip the media over, rotate another 3 full revolutions and your done. This process takes less than 5 seconds and it's as clean as new. With the snap-in hub feature you may quickly erase up to 16 inch reels with ease.

Fidelipac 400

FIDELIPAC 400 - Table Top Eraser 
The 400 provides over 2000 Gauss of erasure power. It will efficiently erase cartridges, cassettes and up to 1" open reel tape.

FIDELIPAC 395 - Blank-It Eraser  (Picture not available)
The hand-held 395 has thermal protection and is perfect for erasing cartridges and cassettes.

Fidelipac ESD10

FIDELIPAC ESD10 - Bulk Eraser/Splice Finder 
The ESD10 features dual, full track heads that are incorporated (instead of a coil below the deck plate) resulting in an erase depth of 85 dB or more and better signal-to-noise ratio when you record your carts; extremely reliable splice detection; tape speed is 27.5 ips.
Geneva PF211
GENEVA PF211 - Bulk Eraser
The PF211 generates 2300 Gauss field intensity and is perfect for erasing cassettes, carts and 1/2" wide open reel tapes.

ITC ESL-V Splice Finder / Eraser
ITC ESL-V - Splice Finder / Eraser
Combines erasing and splice locating into one easy, automatic step, ensuring consistent high quality from cartridge to cartridge.  High-speed splice locate (30 ips) frees the operator from visually locating the tape splice.

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