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Who was Pinpoint?

Based in Dallas, Texas, Pinpoint Communications Inc., was founded in 1990 to develop a cost-effective way to manage vehicles by tracking their movements while providing two-way data communications with the driver. After encountering financial difficulties in 1995 and 1996, Pinpoint Communications filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and eventually moved to Chapter 7 liquidation.

What Did Pinpoint Do?

Pinpoint owned and operated a digital wireless network that combined automatic vehicle location and two-way data communications in one revolutionary technology. Pinpoint provided fleet and service managers a cost-effective way to manage vehicles and improve the efficiency of their business.

Contact Information

The company has declared bankruptcy, and is now under the jurisdiction of the United States Bankruptcy Court (Northern District of Texas), case number 396-30583-HCA-7. Some of the more recent court documents are online

Some of the former employees of Pinpoint can be reached through this link.

Here's the contact information for the federal trustee in the bankruptcy case:

Dale McCullough
5412 Vista Meadow Drive
Dallas, TX 75248

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